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Double Eye Glue

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Item# 4065
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Create double eyelids with ease! Apply the glue on desired space and fold over with the provided plastic fork. 

How To Use
Step1 Cleanse eyelids to remove oil, dirt and makeup. AB Double Eye Liquid must be applied directly to clean natural skin. Step2 Create the deried crease on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick and gently apply pressure along the line. Step3 Gently close your eye, look down, and apply a thin layer of Double Eye Liquid 2-3mm wide in the center region of the crease you created in step 2. *Apply the liquid glue at least 2-3mm from your eyelash. Step4 Let dry 1-2 minutes. Before glue completely dries, gently apply pressure along the desired cerase with the shaping stick, hold in place, and open your eyes slowly. Step 5 Push eyelid upwards as you open your eye and remove shaping stick slowly.
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