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Natural Eye Tape

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1. Cleanse eyelids to remove all oil, dirt, and makeup. Apply directly to clean natural skin.

*Sweat, moisture, oil, and makeup residue on eyelids will prevent tape from adhering properly.

*Apply foundation eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and any makeup directly over the tape.

2. Create the desired crease on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick and gently apply pressure along the line.

3. To peel eye tape off tape sheet easily, fold sheet over at the easy-peel cut line. When removing tape always use the tip of the included stick as shown on left. Tape handled directly with fingers may loose full adhesion. Use a liquid type double eye adhesive to reinforce the tape if adhesive is handled with fingers.

4. Place tape on tip of the shaping stick and press, to adhere to eyelid.

Apply tape under the desired crease line.

*If tape is positioned too high on the eyelid, it may create an undesirable double eyelid.
*To create the perfect double eyelid, avoid making the eyelid fold too wide.
*Cut to desired fit and shape as necessary.
*Creates a stronger bond and blends with natural skin overtime.

Make Up! 

For a more natural look, apply brown eye shadow over tape.

How to Remove

Use cleanser and/or eye makeup remover to remove.

*Gently remove. Forcing may cause surface pain.

Made in Japan

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