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Mild Sunshield SPF28 PA++

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Item# 20999
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Acseine Mild Sunshield SPF28 PA++

Repeatedly dry skin, protects against ultraviolet rays and actively moisturizes.

Hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to form <moisturizing UV protective film>.

Moisten the stratum corneum, while preventing UV intrusion. In addition,

ceramide III adjust peeling, scaling part, so that the foundation easy to make

makeup, make-up lasting.

■ Do not use UV absorber <no chemical composition> type

■ The use of PV (perfect film) (refers to the silicon dioxide film will paint the

technology) pigment does not directly contact the skin

■ Waterproof type

■ low irritation, non-fragrance, non-alcoholic (ethanol), through no psoriasis test

Does not mean that everyone will not have skin troubled situations, or do not

have long blisters (acne roots).


● After conditioning the skin, evenly wipe the skin on the skin.

● When unloading, it is best to use double cleansing and cleansing products.


Made in Japan

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