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Mild Wash Cleansing -200ml

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Item# 21006
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Acseine Mild Wash Cleansing -200ml

Do not increase the skin burden,

Really make the make-up dirt surfaced.

Will not increase the burden of sensitive skin, even tenacious make-up dirt can

be completely removed.

Washing Cleansing Oil.

Add an amino acid moisturizing ingredient that locks the moisture.

■ low irritation, non-fragrance, no pigment, no p-hydroxybenzoic acid esters

(preservatives), non-alcoholic (ethanol)

(Does not mean that everyone will not have skin problems.)


● Take appropriate amount of Cleansing Oil (about 2) in the dry hand, smear to

the entire face, gently massage with the pulp, so that the foundation and other

dirt surfaced.

<Note> If the amount is too small, the pulp massage action may not slip. In order

not to cause friction to the skin, please use the appropriate amount.

● add a small amount of water or warm water to continue to massage, until the

Cleansing Oil all white and then rinse.

● Then "Cream Foam" and other cleansing products for the skin wash your face.

<Note> Do not allow hot water or water to mix into the container.


Made in Japan

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