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Moistbalance Lotion

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Item# 21005
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Acseine Moistbalance Lotion

We stick to not only "quality" of moisture but also "amount" thoroughly,

A new moisturizing lotion to respond to drying troubles of modern women was


From the moment of putting on your skin, the feeling of penetration as if you were

your "skin".

While it is a smooth texture that does not feel sticky, a deep moist feeling lasts

and leads to "skin that does not know dryness" all day.

How to use Moist Balance Lotion

After washing the face, please take two lotions of 500 yen coin (diameter 26.5

mm) in 2 to 3 divided doses, and lay them on the whole face.

Even though it has a smooth feeling, surprisingly moisture lasts.

Just by overlaying two 500 yen coin (diameter 26.5 mm)

The same moisturizing durability as cotton pack can be obtained.


Made in Japan

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