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Leg Conditioner

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Adolle Leg Conditioner

Japanese popular Freaky model Yuki Yamamoto postpartum real sense! Quarter of total sales 500,000 hot stovepipe cream, whitening mainly for legs, stovepipe, and also to improve the condition of the leg hair dense, inhibit hair growth! Bottle top off several bottles legs effectiveness of the product!

Are you still on your leg skin problems trouble, about to give up yet?
Two new Adolle stovepipe cream contains ingredients to create a completely perfect legs slender lines

INTENSLIM: Let leg blood circulation more smoothly
Taken from the use of plants and flowers INTENSLIM essence, in your painting process to bring you silky soft, massage the legs, while the blood circulation better conditioning

WONDER LIGHT: Let the legs white skin clarity and more UP
WONDER LIGHT is the solution to remove the plant essence mentioned dull, so your leg skin more translucent white rose

Serum levels of care with the program
Penetrate muscle x Beauty x x bright fruit flavor x

Take the right amount of the product, spread evenly to the hips, thighs, legs and other parts, and massage pushed without rinsing
Note: sensitive skin do first do a skin test to see whether the product is suitable, re-use



Made in Japan 

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