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Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD (28 Day)

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Item# 14763

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ALBION Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD (28 Day)

A single response, fulfillment of one. 

Heavily, whitening stacking the excitement and beauty.

To beauty shine of the more dazzling. 

Full of clarity, such as freeze, is finely lead medicated whitening beauty solution to the tension of a skin. 

Whitening active ingredient Kojic acid formulations.Firmly penetrate into every corner of the skin (stratum corneum),suppressed the production of melanin, while preventing spots and freckles, leading to a bright skin filled with a transparent feeling. 

※ The whitening, it is to prevent spots and freckles caused by suppressed by sunburn the production of melanin.

How to Use

After the lotion, open the bottle caps, take one dose a (one) in the palm of your hand, let enough rub to massage the entire face. 
1 This is the one time. Once opened the cap, please use all.

1.5ml × 28 Day

Made in Japan

How To Use
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