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Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask E (8pc/Box)

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Item# 20460
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ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask E

A set of medicated skin conditioning sheet masks that provide moisture to skin damaged by UV rays or skin that tends to be dry and conditions it to produce beautiful skin with innate whiteness and translucency.

How to Use

1. Remove the paper mask that has been folded from foil bag and spread gently. (At that time, that it may drop the fall, please be careful not to apply to clothes, etc..) 

2. Place in accordance with the shape of the eyes from the eye of the part of the paper mask that spread, the outline from the top to the bottom to fit the entire face while holding. And both sides of the cut portion of the jaw, while controlling the lower notch of the jaw, Please Hold lightly palm so that the whole is clean adhesion. 

3. After that had been put on about five to 10 minutes, peel off.

This is the new version of ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask.

8 x 12ml

Made in Japan

How To Use

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Location: brooklyn, New York
It's ok 3.22.17
I was excited to try this but I didn't really like the smell... Sheet is really thin. Feels minty on the skin.
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