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Botanical Spring Body Soap & Body Gel Set - Light (Sakura Limited)

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Item# 22128
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Botanist Botanical Spring Body Soap & Body Gel Set - Light (Sakura Limited)

Botanical body soap cleanses your body gently with considerate soap ingredients. Five botanical beauty extracts (cherry leaf, apple, bergamot fruit, verbena herb, and cucumber) keep your skin moisturized. A refreshing sensation arrives with silky-soft smooth finish.

The magical sakura scented petal-like gel mimics the "dancing of cherry blossoms" and gives you an experience of "Blossom shower". The petal- like gel moisturizes the skin and leads to high quality gloss and transparency. At the same time as the petal-like gel fits on your skin, you will feel a fragrance capsule and feel the smell of spring more. Botanical butter milk contains plant essence leading to fresh moist skin, and 3 types of hyaluronic acid with high infiltration / sustaining / water retention effect are compounded. It delivers moisture straight to the skin that tends.

Body Soap 490ml + Body Gel 200ml

Made in Japan

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