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Day & UV Lip Serum SPF14 PA+

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Item# 13515-C
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CANMAKE Day & UV Lip Serum SPF14 PA+

Contains astaxanthin to moisturize.
A beauty serum for daytime use, with UV filters and a touch of color.


Enhanced UV-reduction effect! No need to worry about forgetting sun protection for your lips.
● We've boosted the UV-reduction effect of this beauty serum rich in moisturizing and anti-UV skincare agents.
Blocks ultraviolet rays while caring for your skin, keeping your lips looking plump and free from dullness.
● Packed with the beauty moisturizing ingredient astaxanthin.
Carefully-selected silicon-free formulation
● Gentle formulation without the sensation of a heavy membrane or stickiness peculiar to silicon.
☆ With silicon: Enhanced resilience and luster. Creates a film over your lips to lock in the beautifying ingredients. ⇒ For glossy lips.
☆ Silicon-free: A natural sheen from the moisturizing agents.
Ingredients penetrate through to the stratum corneum, providing ample moisture. ⇒ For soft lips.
The three effects you'll want to keep with you, all the time, everywhere.
(1) As a gloss
(2) As a lip balm
(3) As a daytime serum
Comfortable, non-sticky texture
● We've been meticulous about developing a texture that minimizes stickiness and blends in well.
● Succulent formulation that melts into your lips, so it won't transfer onto hair or clothing, while feeling comfortable to wear.


Made in Japan

CANMAKE Day & UV Lip Serum SPF14 PA+

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