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Four Shiny Eyes-Mandarin Chocolate

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Canmake Four Shiny Eyes

[12] Mandarin Chocolate☆ girlish orange shade.

Your eyes will look bigger than ever! Achieve deep-set eyes by layering on these colors with different textures! Use this four-shade palette of eyeshadows to try a wide range of tricks for making your eyes look bigger.

Apply the sweet colors and then the bitter colors in order. As you layer on the color, your eyes will look deeper-set, like dark chocolate with a rich, multi-layered flavor!

How to use:
A: Base color: Apply to the whole of the upper lid. This bright color like white chocolate sweeps away any trace of dullness from your eyelids. Creates a solid foundation for achieving deep-set eyes and helps the other colors to stand out better.

B: Light color: Apply to the hollow of your eye socket. A light color with gently sparkling pearl particles. For a gorgeous impression in an instant!

C: Accent color: Apply to the hollow of your eye socket, spreading it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edges. An accent color studded with masses of sparkling lamé and shiny pearl particles. For attractive, sparkling eyes.

D: Liner color: Use the fine tip to draw a line at the edge of your eye. A deep, rich liner color with few pearl particles. A dark chocolate color that makes the line of your eyes look bolder and deeper-set. Emphasizes your pupils!

Made in Japan

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