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Moist Souffle Shadow

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Item# 5815-C
Availability: In stock
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New texture ♥ An eyeshadow packed with beauty essence 
that's as soft and light as a soufflé ♥
Creates color with a sophisticated sheen and a translucent veil of shimmering light!

A soft, airy texture like a soufflé
? You'll get addicted to the moist, springy, light-as-air texture that seems to exude the beautifying agents that it contains!! When applied to your eyelids, the texture becomes dry.
Color with a sophisticated sheen that melts into your eyelids 
? Subtle, transparent shimmer and color are interwoven to create a shade with a sophisticated sheen. For fascinatingly elegant eyes.
? Achieve the kind of sheen that clings to your lids and blends in well with your skin, which you just can't create with powder!
An eyeshadow containing beauty essence to care for your skin 
Care for your eyes with a beauty essence that you apply through your make-up ♥

Made in Japan

How To Use

How to Use:

Contains 7 beautifying and moisturizing agents
Hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, honey, squalane, rosemary extract, aloe vera leaf extract, saxifrage extract.

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