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Quick Lash Curler

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Item# 5691
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Canmake Quick Lash Curler

Just one coat is all it takes to boost lashes that have started to lose their curl during the day! Revive the curl and keep your eyes looking big and bright!

Superb curl-maintenance effect for brighter eyes

Just apply over your usual mascara to create a long-lasting curl that could normally only be achieved with an eyelash curler.
Instantly prevents smudging due to water, tears and oil!

Choose from the following 3 ways of applying this product

1, To freshen up your makeup Instantly boosts lashes that have started to lose their curl during the day! Maintains a long-lasting curl.
2, As a top coat Use after your usual mascara to give lashes a long-lasting boost.
3, As a clear mascara Use alone as a clear mascara for beautiful, natural-looking lashes with a long-lasting extra curl.

Special double-sided comb

The short side quickly lifts lashes, while the long side carefully separates them. Effectively catches and boosts the curl of all lashes, no matter how short or downward-facing they may be.
Forms long lashes to create bright-looking eyes that will really make an impact.

Made in Japan

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I like that you make 9.29.14
I like that you make sure to clean the lashes with soap after soikang them in the makeup remover. in my experience using makeup remover ruined the lashes because they were too oily making them clump and the glue wouldnt stick. alot of people just say to use the makeup remover to soak them or soak them in water and that completely ruins the shape. but i guess thats where the curler comes in here! only problem i had was it made them all straight. if you have lashes with a special shape you have to do it more tediously.

Location: santa monica, California
CANMAKE 6.14.14
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