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IP.Shot Line Treatment Serum

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Item# 21114
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Cosme Decorte IP.Shot Line Treatment Serum

A high performance anti-aging treatment that helps to immediately smooth out fine lines and treat wrinkles by boosting the energy levels of your cells. Penetrates deep within the skin to provide brilliant luminosity and greater firmness, even in areas prone to the signs of aging.

Active ingredients in the new iP-Solution
Often dubbed "super vitamin E", tocotrienol is also under the spotlight as a health food.
-Polygonum bistorta root extract
iP.Shot contains an extract from the root of Polygonum bistorta Linnaeus, a member of the knotweed family of plants. The Japanese name Ibuki Toranoo is said to derive from the fact that this plant thrives in the wild on Mount Ibuki in Shiga Prefecture.
-Jania rubens extract
iP.Shot also contains an extract from the Corallinaceae family of seaweeds. The seaweed is cultured using biotechnological methods for the production of extracts, in order to protect our marine resources.

How to Use
-Use morning and night, after toner.
-Apply an appropriate amount around the eyes, around the mouth, and on any other areas prone to the signs of aging.

Made in Japan



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