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Liposome Treatment Liquid@cosme 100ml

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Item# 20877
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Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid@cosme 100ml

Cosme Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquiod is a new generation of skincare unlike any you have experienced before. 

It contains a newly developed liposome using two varieties of phospholipids that contains beauty ingredients that actively target and work on the stratum cornum.

Formulated to be biologically similar to the skin, the treatment liquid is able to penetrate instantly into the stratum cornum, achieving an immediate effect on the appearance and vitality of skin.

Address dryness, irregular skin texture, roughness and dullness, giving firmness, translucency, softness and long-lasting moisture to skin. Suitable for all ages and all skin types, including sensitive skin.

OIl free, paraben free, and allergy tested. 

How to Use:

Use a lotion both morning and night.

Soak a cotton pad generously and pat gently over skin.


Made in Japan

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