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Dr Ci:Labo

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Herbal Serum O2 Oxygen Charge - 300ml

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Dr.Ci:Labo Herbal Serum O2 Oxygen Charge - 300ml

In general, skincare for solving skin problems can be broadly grouped into age-defying skincare and solutions to skin problems, such as acne and dryness that may appear in response to seasonal or bodily changes. In particular, when we conducted a survey targeting women in their late 20s to 40s, as many as 96% of the respondents listed acne, dryness, and itchiness as their most experienced skin problems .

For such frequently occurring skin problems, based on the perspectives of oxygen therapy and phytotherapy, Dr. Ci:Labo developed the Herbal Serum O2, a skin toner that actively repairs damaged skin and enhances the skin’s natural healing ability. The highly concentrated oxygen formula smoothes the skin and tones the texture. In addition, Ci:Labo’s original recipe of 15 plant essences powers the skin’s natural functionality and helps repair damaged skin, creating problem-free, healthy skin. The green herbal scent, reminiscent of a spring in a wood, also releases you and your skin from stress, as if being protected by the negative ions.

No fragrance, No colouring, No mineral oil, No paraben


Made in Japan

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