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Dr Ci:Labo

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Perfect Hyaloline Face & Neck

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Item# 19394
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Dr.Ci:Labo Perfect Hyaloline Face & Neck

Gradually becomes deeper with age, the largest cause nasolabial fold that look old. Cause of nasolabial fold becomes deeper, the "decline of firmness and elasticity," "decline of the facial muscles," "dry" will be raised. Inspired by the hyaluronic acid injection to be used in the beauty industry, it has been focused on hyaluronic acid to inflate the skin from the inside. In multi-faceted approach by experts in skin, dedicated essence work on the mouth anxious. Tightening the skin flabby, it brings firmness from the inside.

Hyaluronic acid which is indispensable to the firmness and elasticity of the skin. However, it does not mean also good in any hyaluronic acid. Perfect here b line is, to support the hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight to produce the volume in the back of the skin, it was 3% and a high-blended hyaluronan prefix GL. So as to raise the level clearly carved line, to plump the skin in a three-dimensional manner.

CyPA ™ is to replenish the moisture from the inside of the skin, store, unique component having a characteristic that does not escape from the skin surface. Also two kinds of hyaluronic acid in order to protect the skin from drying was plus. It works on the skin surface and the back, leading to moisture full of needles skin.

Serra cute ® that are very similar to the structure of the skin of the ceramide, tightens the skin by tension the net that was Pin' to the skin surface, gives the tension. Soft elasticity There is also, you can feel the texture, as reborn is like skin.

1. moisturized feeling; 2 full sense; 3. Flexible

Usage: for decree lines, eye and neck, gentle average smear

Time: morning and evening

Dosage: about 1-2 under pressing

Capacity: 10g

Made in Japan

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