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Peeling Milk

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Item# 7976

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This ultra gentle exfoliating milk sweeps away dull and rough surface cells so easily that you won't feel a thing!

Worry less about blackheads, a dull complexion, and rough skin with Ettusais Peeling Milk is gentle to skin, by being mildly acidic just like healthy skin, and the milk like texture gives it a cushioning effect. It sweeps away dead skin cells gently that you won't feel a thing. 

Taadaa! Goodbye old shells! Hello smooth skin!


Made in Japan 

How To Use
How to Use:

Use 2-3 times a week on cleaneed, dry use

Use a cherry size amount (about 2cm in diameter) and apply in circular motions for 20 seconds avoiding the areas around the eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Watch dull surface cells, impurities like black heads and excess sebum disappear.

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