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Pureroots Squalane@COSME

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Item# 7884-C
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HABA Pureroots Squalane@COSME

Use the 99.9% high-purity Squalane! Make your skin strong against troubles! 

-Squalane's Feature- How excellent it is!!
1.Colorless?odorless, and no harmful irritation.
2.Prevents hardening of keratose and leaves the skin supple.
3.Promotes skin respiration and activates skin turnover.
4.Assimilates into the sebum and emulsifies naturally moisture given from outside.
5.Deep penetration and synergistic effect if used with other ingredients
6.Unlikely to be oxidized or deteriorate.

Because it works as many ways to our bodies, you can use it not only as a lotion, 
but also as an insect bite reliever, a hemorrhoid problem reliever, 
care for fully-keratinized skins and acne skins,
care for skin tightness in pregnacy, and so on.

What is Squalane?

Squalane is an ingredient of natural skin oil in your skin, 
and functions as a protector for moisture which keeps the skin youthful and beautiful. 
Unfortunately, bodies produce less with age. The high purity of 99.9% 
Squalane assures you that there is no fear of oxidation.


Made in Japan 

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Location: Denver, Colorado
棒棒哒 2.9.16
很好的保湿补水美容油 可以软化角质 用完脸上嫩嫩的 好喜欢
Haba Squalane-Holy Grail Moisturizer 11.24.15
I've tried many moisturizers/face oils prior to HSqualane and the moisturizers either disappeared/faded or sat on top of my skin leaving my skin unchanged.

1. feels moisturizing without irritating/stinging/breaking out my skin and without leaving oily/greasy feeling
2. doesn't clog pores
3. diminished frown lines and fine/laugh lines in less than three days.
1. price!
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