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Knee and Elbow Brightener

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Item# 12214

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This Hanaka Knee and elbow brightener helps to erase old dead skin and rough skin texture easily. Your skin will become soft and delicate significantly.
Knee and elbow area will become fairer!
How to Use:
1. Squeeze about a 10 cent coin of whitening lotion.
2. Put your palm close to your elbow and slowly rub in clockwise about 10-20 laps.
3. If the cream is insufficient, you can add more lotion and rub again.
1. Before taking your bath, exfolate the cream gently in small circles and massage at knee/elbow. Do no rub vigorously which may damage the skin. 
2. You can use a cotton pad stained with whitening lotion to achieve softening and whitening effect. 
For skin 
All skin can be used.
The skin is abnormal, please stop use and consult a doctor by profession.
Made in Taiwan 


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