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UV Mist Cushion Cover - C21 Vanilla Cover (SPF50+/PA+++)

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Item# 20859

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HERA UV Mist Cushion Cover - C21 Vanilla Cover (SPF50+/PA+++)

A cushion foundation that creates a flawless and plump complexion with a seamless coverage and a dewy glow.

AMineral Clay Water EX, fortified with high-molecular moisturizing ingredients, helps retain moisture in the skin to give a healthy, hydrated skin. Hypertonic Radiance™ technology brings out moisture to the skin's surface to create a plump skin with a dewy glow.

Enhanced antioxidant effect protects the skin against external irritants

Antioxidants in Smart Vector UV Complex are released when exposed to form a protective barrier on the skin's surface to protect it against external irritants.

An ultra-fine, lightweight formula that seamlessly glides onto the skin.

Ultrafine Dispersion technology creates a lightweight foundation formula for a seamless and natural-looking coverage. The innovative Post-on Powder allows the foundation layer to completely fit onto the skin, giving a complexion-perfecting coverage at once.

Benefit perceived immediately affter use.

  • Level of moisture:30.2% increased / Glow:6.6% increased / Skin imperfections:40.6% decreased

Survey Date: March 3~4, 2016/ Target: 22 women aged between 30~39/ Conducted by I.E.C. Korea

How to use:


  • Use at the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine (it works as a sunblock, makeup base and foundation).
  • Using the puff applicator, press down on the cushion sponge to get the foundation on the puff. Gently dab across the face.


Using the puff applicator, press down gently on the cushion sponge to control and get a small amount of foundation. Lightly dab across the face, focusing on the areas of concern.


  • Close the inner lid tightly after each use to preserve freshness. Not closing the lid may cause the beneficial ingredients to evaporate and make the cushion sponge to shrink.
  • If you use your hands to apply the product, you may not feel the cooling effec of the product due to your hand temperature.
  • The puff is designed to be anti-bacterial and hygenic to use.

How to replace the refill

  • Press down on the arrow mark at the back of the product with your thumb.
  • Open the cover lid and push up the bottom of the product
  • Separate the refill that pops up.
  • Push the new refill into place.

Shelf life

  • Use within 12 months from opening.
  • Keep the product at 10~30°C, away from direct sunlight. 


Color for medium skin tone to brighten up and cover any signs of dullness.


Made in Korea

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