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Hada Crie Cleansing & Moisturizing Facial Massager CM-N820

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Japanese women are known for their flawless, glowing skin. So when HITACHI, makers of the best-selling skincare device in Japan, released the Hada Crie CM-N820 as the successor to the CM-N810, we knew it had to be good.  The HITACHI Hada Crie CM-N820 is a multi-tasking facial cleaning and massage system offering the following upgrades to the former CM-N810:

  • The newly added Titanium Dimples on the massage head create ions to deep-clean and unclog pores of impurities. Micro-vibrations enable effective penetration of the skin's epidermal layer your serums and moisturisers. This Titanium head is also non-allergenic.
  • 3 modes (cleansing, moist-up and mask), simplified from 4. 
  • 3 levels (powerful, normal and soft) instead of 2.
  • Accepts watery lotion, thick lotion, gel lotion and emulsion instead of just watery lotion.
  • Lighter body

This is the top beauty gadaget recommended by Youtube beauty guru "Bubzbeauty" (see video here)!


  • Cleanse Mode: Using powerful ion technology, the Titanium Dimple head creates negative ions to removes fine dirt that cannot be removed by normal washing. Saturate cotton pad attached to the massage head with your daily toner or watery lotion (see Staff Review below for recommendations). Turn on the device and apply the cotton to the skin, moving slowly in circular motions.
  • Moist-Up Mode: The Titanium Dimples create positive ions to deeply moisturise skin. Use thick or gel type lotion; we recommend Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion. Apply the titanium head directly to the skin without the cotton pad.
  • Mask Mode: Refreshes skin and promotes effective absorption of emulsion or mask's moisturising ingredients. If using emulsion, apply with cotton pad attached to the head.
  • Each mode lasts for 5 minutes and has auto shut-off function. Charging time is 5 hours.
  • Weight: 85g
  • Size: Height 132 x Width 46 x Depth 41 mm
  • Accessories: AC adapter, 2 Cotton Pad rings, Charging stand
  • Power: AC100-240V
  • Japanese manual
  • 1 year Japanese manufacturer warrany

Made in Japan 

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