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Ion My Esthe II

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Item# 10166
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ION MY ESTHE II comes with two types of removable rollers: total care attachment for entire face and point care attachment for difficult-to-reach areas around the eyes, nostril, etc.  

A salon-like treatment can be performed at home for dramatically improved appearance of skin.

Permeates Fair Lady's or Lift Up Serum's active ingredients deep into the skin.

The roller head, designed for a professional use is gentle to skin

2 types of skincare treatments :- Ion Care and Ion Cleansing

Easy to use with easy functions

Easily held in one hand, and weights only 86g

Runs on rechargeable battery, which last up to 18 hours

An automatic off timer function to remind proper length of treatment

ION Care – Infusing vitamin C derivatives (Twice a week)
Ion Care produces negatively charged electrical circuit (-) that repels negatively charged vitamin C derivatives (-). This creates a force to penetrate the ingredients deeper into the skin than regular skin care care.

Expected result after ION CARE:-

- Softer, smoother and more transparent skin with even complexion.
- Melanin pigmentation can be controlled
- Less breakouts and acne by cleaning and firming pores
- Makes spots less visible by controlling melanin deposition
- Firm skin with less visible wrinkles by enhances collagen production

ION Cleansing – Drawing out impurities (Once a week)
ION CLEANSING produces positively charged electrical circuit(+) that’s draw out negatively charged(-) dirt in skin

Expected results after ION CLEANSING
Skin condition can change by performing ION CLEANSING once a week. It helps correct open pores and dullness, cleanse impurities and enhance absorption of skin care products used after treatment. 


Made in Japan 

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Bi Ying

Location: Newton, Massachusetts
4 stars 12.16.13
I really impress when my first use this one. My face was immediately whitened and smoothed. However, the second time and third time, I don't any changed. I am not sure if it because I use to it. Will keep on use.
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