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Rouge My Dress (2016 Fall Collection)

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Item# 20310-c
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Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress (2016 Fall Collection)

·Lipstick that melts like a cream and brings rich moisture to your lips. Provides lasting color, overflowing with elegance, like that moment of overwhelming beauty which you slip into a gorgeous dress. Warm limited edition colors, perfectly suited to fall & winter.

·Provides close coverage of your lips, creating an even layer over their entire surface. With a soft focus effect, dispels all dullness and provides exactly the rich, popping color your desire with just a single application.

·A beauty cream style formation melts into your lips, providing a smooth and comfortable feeling of use.

·An original formulation that is a first for Jill Stuart, creating a layer of lipstick with extremely close coverage and providing excellent makeup hold. In addition, the lasting powder formulation keeps the color bright and provides a beautiful finish that lasts.

·Provides a finish with rich moisture and a natural luster.

·Design based on vintage lace. A simple and modern silhouette, decorated with a luxury arabesque pattern and a scattering of flowers. The cap is a two-layer construction, with contrasting matte silver inside and glossy silver outside to depict deep, dimensional lace. Creates the overall impression of a wonderful dress.

·Under the theme of the dual faces of women, the design for 16 & 17 uses deep navy to express modern feminine”, while 18 & 19 uses a refined brown beige to express elegant natural. Navy and brown supplied one per box.

·Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

Directions for use:

·Extend the lipstick approximately 5mm and apply.

★16 fragrant lingerie

Misty pink, like lingerie with a happy fragrance * main color

★17 flower crown 

Vivid rose pink, like a crown of rose flowers


Made in Japan

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