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Tweed Party Collection

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Item# 20472
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Jill stuart Tweed Party Collection - Preorder 

A brilliant sparkle and quality luster, like crushed gemstones.
Eye color that brings you luxurious eyes.

JILL STUART Shimmer Couture Eyes
★ 09 winter tweed
★ Four colors - white, smoky beige, pink and black - with a tweed image.

A. Clear Eye Base
B. Jewel Couture Color 
C. Jewel Couture Color 
D. Deep Color 

Directions for use:

1. Use your finger or a tip to apply Shimmer Couture Eyes A Clear Eye Base, and then B Jewel Couture Color across your entire eyehole. Extend D Deep Color along the edge of your eye, and overlay with C Jewel Couture Color above your pupil and at the outside edge of your bottom lid.
2. Use Stay True Gel Eyeliner to make a natural line along the edge of your eyes.
3. Apply a thick layer of Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara from the roots of your lashes, for a rich finish. 

Cover your skin in a soft and brilliant veil.
Face powder that brings you translucent skin.

JILL STUART Tweed Face Powder
★Pastel colors - pale pink, pale blue and off white - with a tweed image.

Directions for use:
・ Imagine a line directly down from the pupil of your eye, and another directly across from the end of your nose. Start where the two lines meet and use Mix Blush Compact to depict a circle that spreads outward.

JILL STUART Airy Tint Watery CC Cream
★ For pure, moisturized skin. CC cream that provides a fresh and translucent finish.

02 natural floral beige 

JILL STUART Tweed Gloss Balm
★ Two colors provide gentle pinks and rich moisture. Lip gloss that brings you full and lustrous lips.
★ Two colors - bright pink and milky pink - with a tweed image.

Directions for use:
・ Apply Tweed Gloss Balm across your entire lips.


A ribbon shaped clutch style pouch made using an original tweed material and with a party bag theme. On the front is a plate designed to look like an invitation card and the words “Save the Date.” Comes with a crystal charm and removable chain.
Pouch size: Approx. W220 x H140mm (chain length approx. 115mm)

Made in Japan

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