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FRESHEL Mineral BB Cream UV

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Feature 1: The perfect item for a busy morning
This BB cream combines a tinted makeup base with a moisturizing cream that has a high skincare effect. It is very helpful when you have to step outside for a few minutes!
Feature 2: UV protection and Clinging to the skin
The cream protects the skin from UV rays. It is sweat- and sebum-resistant and does not fade for an extended period of time. It contains white color beads* 2 to reduce dark spot visibility.
* Brightening with the makeup effect covering visible spots.
Feature 3: Moisturizing and gentle on the skin
The collagen and hyaluronic acid contained in the product allow it to maintain its skincare effect as long as it is applied. It also contains mineral ingredients* 1 and is designed to be gentle on the skin.
Collagen <Moisturizer>
Hyaluronic acid <Moisturizer>
Prunus domestica fruit extract <Keratin softener>
Mineral ingredients* 1 <Skin protection ingredients>
White color beads* 2 <For covering dark spots>
* 1 Zinc oxide, agar, and tri-(caprylic/capric acid)-glyceryl
* 2 Cellulose, oxidized titanium, and aluminum hydroxide
Available in two colors:
1. natural beige (NB)
2. midum beige(MB)

Made in Japan

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Location: Portland, Oregon
My personal fave 1.27.14
I got some of this in Japan last year, and when I ran out, I couldn't find it anywhere. I tried several American brands, and one Japan-inspired company brand's BB creams, but none had the right color for my skin. I am SO happy to have found this here! Thank you!
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