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MEGURHYTHM Steaming Patch For Knee

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Item# 8388

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Kao MEGURHYTHM Steaming Patch For Knee 



Knee wrapper   x 1

Steaming patch of two connected ones  x 2 


Kao Steaming Patch is a direct stick-on warming patch aims at soothing and easing soreness fatigue on your Knee area.

It promotes a faster blood circulation on knees, to ease the discomforf of you knee area

With Mint's incredible effect, it quickly cool down the skin, yet provides a fresh scent to relax the mind and body

Comes with a knee wrapper, helps the patch to stay in place even when we move a lot

The patch is odor-less and the thin, stretchy texture fits firmly and easily to the skin without burden.

It can effectively enhance blood circulation and hence help relieve muscle tension mounted by work or routine activities

Made in Japan

How To Use
When using these patches on knees, you can separate the 2 connected patches, and stick them onto your knee, then put on the knee wrapper to keep them in place.
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