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Foot Patch

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Item# 8326-C
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Natural sap liquid power that removes unwanted substances from the body while sleeping. Just stick before bed time and wake up refreshed.


How To Use
How to Use: 1. Attach the printed side of the foot sole sheet to the adhesive sheet. 2. Before going to sleep (after taking shower/bath), stick the sheets on soles. 3. Do not use the same sheets more than once for a sanitary reason. (If the sheets get hard or change color & become sticky, use a new set of sheets.) 4. After use, remove the sheets, and rinse your soles with water well or wipe with a wet towel completely. 2 sheets

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Location: TORONTO, Ontario
有效~ 4.26.14
屯了无数片的好用品,适合站了很久以后帮助排水 味道很多个人觉得玫瑰味道最好 薰衣草也不错 蔬菜那些味道不太明显不需要担心味道奇怪!会一直购买的
Love this 4.18.14
This is my go-to thing after standing for a long time or just have a pair of "tired feet". :) U can feel the patches sucking up the toxic and tiredness during the night and feel refreshed in the morning :)
Dituong Sandy

Location: Chicago, Illinois
It works, but not a must have 8.24.13
So I bought it and patched it under my foot. I used it after work and obviously on clean feet and woke up the next morning seeing the patch have dried up under my foot n the patch turned dark black/brownish so I'm assuming all the nasties are on it, but I didn't feel refreshed nor did my feet, tell me if I'm wrong hahaha

Location: Flushing, New York
有趣 7.27.13
只用过薰衣草味道的 晚上贴在脚底没有什么特别的感觉 早上起来撕开变色了 不知道是不是要持续用才有效 不过总体感觉满有趣
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