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Medicated Night Chokonuri for Acne

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 KOBAYASHI  Medicated Night Chokonuri for Acne

Kobayashi BIF Night Sheet is a medicated acne sheet that contains sterilizing properties, which all you need to do is stick on to the acne area before going to sleep!!! Beucase it is deisgned in a sheet type, the ingredients can penetrate deep down into your skin, to disinfects acnegenic bacteria and removes the root of acne. The contained Sterilization ingredients will keep your skin hygiene and fight against inflammation. You will notice differences when you wake up next day! Night Use Only 16 sheets

Made in Japan







How To Use

Great for acne skin!! Help you solve problems instantly!

 KOBAYASHI Bif Night Chokonuri is a medicated acne liquid stick type. Contains pionin for sterilization. Also burning and tannning reliever ingredients. It's clear type and it is great for purse or travel.

1. Apply gently to the acne area.
*Use tissue or other to clean sponge.

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