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Ginseng Body Waste Absorbing Foot Pads

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Item# 7323
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Natural sap liquid power that removes unwanted substances from the body while sleeping. Just stick before bed time and wake up refreshed.

Quantity: 2 sheets 
2 Sheets
Made in Japan 
How To Use
How to Use:
1. Attach the printed side of the foot sole sheet to the adhesive sheet. 

2. Before going to sleep (after taking shower/bath), stick the sheets on soles. 

3. Do not use the same sheets more than once for a sanitary reason. ?If the sheets get hard or change color & become sticky, use a new set of sheets.? 

4. After use, remove the sheets, and rinse your soles with water well or wipe with a wet towel completely.

Ingredients: Pyroligneous acid, starch

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