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Aqua Soothing Essence-in CC Cream

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Item# 11435

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This is the latest innovation from Korea L'egere. Aqua Soothing Essence-In C.C Cream is a super moisture cream of visible water drops effect with W.S.N. Technology, innovative formulation containing natural moisture and soothing ingredients water drops hydrate and soothing skin immediately.

Multiple Beautifying Effect : Primes, Hydrates, Corrects, Evens and Perfects. You can get radiant look and silky finish in a instant.


Made in South Korea

How To Use

After following the daily skin routine, apply generously on face & sensitive area. After 15 minutes, it will match your skin tone and present natural look. At the end of the day, clean your face with cleanser or cleansing oil.


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Location: Springfield Gardens, New York
natural looking but has only one shade 6.28.15
good quality it covers fairly and naturally but the color make my skin whiter

Location: Willington, Connecticut
还不错 11.7.13
保湿不错,能持续很久~对于混合皮肤来说会有一点小油! 遮瑕确实不怎么样,但是我的要求也就是遮毛孔,这点能达到。痘痘印之类的就不可能了~ 适合裸妆。

Location: Falls Church, Virginia
喜欢! 6.29.13
保湿度绝对没话说, 擦上后感觉像擦了乳液, 而且就算是我这种极干性皮肤也会一整天都觉得水水的. 缺点是遮瑕力稍差, 这款比较适合皮肤状况本身就比较好的MM.
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