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Mediu 2 Step Double Effect Mask

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Item# 13807-C
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REGEN 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask -helps achieve the following missions:

Moisturizing type: Fills moisture to dry and rough skin.

Pore type:Clean the greasy skin due to the excessive sebum and clean away the waste around the pores.

Wrinkle type: Help the face that has troubles of initial aging and helps your skin look younger. 

Brightening type: Change dark and uneven skin tone to crystal clear brilliant skin. 

Mission 2: To have a beautiful face with 91.5 V sleek lines at any angle.

Step 1: The upper part of face

6000ml of water per 1g of hyaluronic acid that holds will help strengthen the skin barrier. The Aqua acyl extracted from Xylitol will promote moisture in your skin.

Step 2: the lower part of the face

Halophyte which grow only in verysalty condition eliminates unnecessary moisture in the face through osmoticpressure balance and gives the lower face a 91.5 V-line which is the idealmeasure for a fascinating visage.

1 sheet

Made in Korea

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