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ECHOROBEAUT WaveMedicul Carbon Fiber Facial Puff

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Item# 8242
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Lotus EchoroBeaut waveMedicul Carbon Fiber Facial Puff

The EchoroBeaut puff facial only needs to be used for 3 minutes every day. It takes care of your skin with charcoal far infrared radiation. The facial puff is made to carbonize with special processing using 100% pure carbon fiber. It economical becaues you can wash and reuse. After using the facial puff, you can compare both sides, the "used" and the "unused," to see the effect the facial puff has.

Made in Japan

How To Use

Directions: Firmly lift the part of your face that you would like to be lifted and apply for 3-5 minutes. It will be more effective if you use this facial puff before you add anything onto your face and if you use it on your entire face. If you are worried about the area around your eyes, apply the facial puff 3-5 minutes around your eye area by pulling firmly up on your eyes. Lift from the bottom upwards. When not in use, please store in the case provided.

Caution: Hand wase in mild detergent if puff is dirty. The effect of the far infrared will not be lost even after washing. Rarely, a black powder will come out, but there is no adverse effect on the human body. If you have weak skin, eczema, or other skin abnormalities, please do not use. If irritation and/or rash appear, please discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. Please do not expose to fire. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use of other intended purposes.

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