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Style Up Comb

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Item# 11172-C
Availability: In stock
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Unlike the Japanese young ladies who appear in magazines always wearing a “Beauty Hair Style”, you find no way to set up your hair.
LUCKY Style-Up Comb contains 1 E-shaped curve pin, 1 small U-shaped plastic pin and 1 large U-shaped plastic pin. The unique design enables a quick and simple path to the “Beauty Hair Style”. In 20 seconds, you make yourself over with Kawaii style!

Made in Japan

How To Use
  1. Bind and twist your hair on the side and at the back of your neck.
  2. Coil up your hair at the back of your ear.
  3. Inset the hair pin at the base of the coil, pull up the pin. While the tip touched your scalp, inset the pin downwards along your scalp.
  4. Another method: Bind the upper part of hair. Lift it up and twist. Coil up the hair at the top of your head. Then inset the pin at the edge of the coil. While the tip touches your scalp, pull down the pin and inset it into the coil.
  5. E-shaped curve pin is for those who has great amount of hair while U-shaped plastic pins are for those who has less amount of hair.
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