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One Best Cosme Award No.1 Special Box

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Item# 12134
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LuLuLun One Best Cosme Award No.1 Special Box

LuLuLun One White Mask Set

This special care sheet mask is made with a micro-oil manufacturing method.

The rich micro-oil gently soaks into the skin to soften it.

This mask also contains a Brightenyl®, a skin-penetrating ingredient created from research into DNA, helping restore the skin's firmness and glow.

Also contains apple fruit cell culture extract, grape cell culture extract, plus other scientifically researched ingredients.

3 sheets

Made in Japan

LuLuLun One

Deeply condition your skin with a daily in-home, spa-like treatment.

Anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients are conveniently infused into a pre-cut cotton mask that prevents evaporation for maximum moisture retention.

Skin is left supple, radiant and smooth with 85ml of beautifying essence.

lululun face mask Rururu down ONE will loosen gently micro oil skin familiar To creamy, Brightenyl was born component from DNA research, carefully To penetration. 

It gives firmness and luster. In addition, and apple fruit cell culture extract, also plenty of blending luxury component based on the latest research, such as grape fruit cell extract. 

Will blend into the touching moment your skin, it finished in a creamy texture rich.

3 sheets

Made in Japan

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