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BARRIER REPAIR Baby Moist Facial Mask

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New product for Fall 2011!

Mandom Barrier Repair facial mask for resilient and supple skin. Collagen is absorbed quickly through to deeper layers of skin. Highly absorbant thick liquid in mask permeates layers of skin for softer skin with just one use. 

Highly absorbant collagen: Mandam Barrier Repair facial mask is formulated with low molecular collagen which penetrates skin much more effectively than basic collagen. The ingredients for moisture retention in Mandom Barrier Repair facial mask are very similar to the make up of vernix caseosa, the protective layer seen on a newborn baby. 

The Mandom Barrier Repair facial mask is very soft and will not separate from face even when face is turned down. Constructed of layers, the Mandom facial mask is very soft to the touch and able to retain much liquid without dripping. 
Researched and sized to accommodate hairline, the Mandom facial mask's construction and size prevents mask from falling off even when looking down. Mandom facial mask may be cut or folded to accommodate eyes and mouth for an even more snug fit. 
Preservative free 
Patch and stain tested (not all users will have the same results). 
Color free 
Fragrance free (although a fragrance free product, a faint fragrance may be noticed due to the natural moisturizing ingredients).
Do no use if you have rash, eczema, or other skin problems. 
If irritation or other allergic reaction occurs, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist. Continued use may cause symptoms to worsen. 
Avoid getting the essence into eyes. If it accidently gets into eyes, rinse with water immediately and thoroughly. 
Do not use immediately after you get sun tan. Do not leave it on for too long or while sleeping. 
Do not reuse mask. 
Keep out of reach of children. 
Do not store in extremely high or low temperature, or in a direct sunlight. 
The product is not edible. 
Do not flush mask. It does not dissolve in water. 
Use product immediately once you open the pouch. 
If the essence accidently drips onto your clothes, rinse with water immediately to help prevent staining.
How to Use:
Recommended use: 1~2 times per week 
After washing face, remove mask from bag and spread open. Press onto entire face. 
Leave in place for 5~10 minutes. For concerns of extremely dry skin, mask may be left on for 15~20 minutes. Peel mask off and massage any remaining lotion on face into skin. 

Application of Mandom Barrier Repair facial mask provides sufficient moisturizing; however, after removing, additional lotion or moisturizing cream may be applied. Adjust cuts in mask to contours of face for better fit.

5 Sheets 

Made in Japan

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