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TEA TREE Shine Control & Blemish Clear Gel-Cream

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Item# 12610
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Zaro Oily Feeling Gel-Cream for "Oil Control,Acne Arrest"
Decrement in Texture Increment in Formula

Double control with the formula of both decrement in texture  increment in formula! Creates highly light and graceful "zero sense of presence" and steps over unimagined Oil Cut refreshing limit by using gently flowing and silky tecture like "frosted water". In addition, it can also "strengthen" oil-water balance,"reduces" oil slick,"multiplies" moistened and tender skin feeling, and "removes" acne and pimples, truly eliminationg acne crisis to skin from source! So it is a secret weapon for "super control" of skin oil and enhancement of overall anti-acne effects.

+ Moisturizng Skin
Sodium hyluronate + snow fungus extract + chondroitin sulfate + pentavitin
Continuosly replenishes water and tender skin,and "strengthens" oil-water balance, so that overly oily embarrassment will end!

- Isolates Oil form Skin
Saw palmetto + PO factor + tea tree essential oil
Control contents of oil, "alleviate" overflow of oil slick.

x Whitening and Lightening Spots, Rejuvenating Skin
Tranexamic acid + Arbutin
Evenly brightens complexion, "multiplies" transparent and tender skin feeling, lightens spots!

÷ Dispels Acne & Pimples Filtering Clean Skin
A high concentration of 0.5% salicylic acid with medicine + hyacinth bean seeds extract
Acne & Pimples alarm all-clear, "prevents" acne & pimples, filtering out flawless clean skin!

All types of skin. It is especially recommended to oily skin with coarse pores,acne and pimples.

[ Cautions ]

1. This product containing peppermint has cooling effect when applied. The cooling degree depends in skin types.
2. When applying it, please avoid circumocular skin. Please rinse off instanly if any discomfort emerges or the product carelessly seeps into eyes.
3. This product connot be used for baby aged below 3.


Made in Taiwan


How To Use

After cleansing and basic skincare, apply evenly the amount of once or twice of use to face, and massage gently for good absorption.

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