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NITTO KOCHA Royal Milk Tea 10pc

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Item# 21643

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NITTO KOCHA Royal Milk Tea 10pc

Royal milk tea is the thing to drink on leisurely afternoons. Royal milk tea can be served hot or cold and it's ready within minutes. Sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa powder on top or enjoy it right out of the cup. Made from tea extract and milk, royal milk tea tastes sweet and rich. You'll feel like royalty when you sip this sumptuous tea. Each bag contains 10 individual packets. Each packet can serve 1 cup.

Hot: Cup into one bag-Royal milk tea. Then Pour 120 ml boiling water, stir well. Be careful of hot water. 
Ice: In small amount of hot water melt the glass into the Royal milk tea bags. Pour the cold water and ice floats.


Made in Japan

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