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Ultra Beauty Device Handy mist

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Item# 6463
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Panasonic Ultra Beauty Device Handy Mist EH-SM30 - Baby Pink is a compact and portable and easy to use to moisturize dry skin wherever you go.  

Simply fill up the tank of the handy mist with Aqualabel Moisture Lotion, a skin lotion from Shiseido's core Aqualabel self-selection skin care brand released in 2006 and renewed in 2009 and turn on the device to release a spray of micro-sized (fine) mist through an ultrasonic micro vibrating mesh. When the mist is applied around a dry part of the skin, it is as if air wraps around the skin, supplying moisture to the skin in 30 seconds. The amount of the mist released can be controlled by switching to a HIGH or LOW sestting, and can be applied around the face and shoulders (neck) and other body areas. Since it's battery powered, 14cm and compact, the device is easy to carry around and able to easily care for areas of concern for dry skin.

Aqualabel moisture lotion in a 30ml special size is included as a set package with Ultrasonic Beauty Device Handy Mist (EH-SM30) at the time of purchase. After using up the lotion, refills are available to purchase here. 


Color: Baby Pink

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