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B.A Black Shine Box Eternal Key (Holiday 2017)

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Item# 21563
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POLA B.A Black Shine Box Eternal Key (Holiday 2017)

Set content:

POLA BA Lotion 120ml

A rich treatment lotion that instantly creates hydrated and dimensionally firm skin with volume.

Permeates deep into the skin leaving the skin supple and firm.

Synergy effect for instant skin lift effect and binding synergy absorption enhances the permeation of the milk to follow.

Use morning and evening after cleansing and before milk.

Alternative product see BA Summer lotion for a lighter product ideal for the summer months

POLA BA Milk 15ml

A silky soft treatment milk that blends instantly into the skin.

Skin is left smooth with an instant boost for a plumped, hydrated and radiant look.

Enhances supple firmness and resilience.

Deep synergy absorption enhances the permeation of B.A. Cream to follow.

Alternative product see BA Summer Milk for a lighter milk ideal for the summer months

POLA B.A Cream 5g

The Ultimate cream.  Overflowing with firmness and elasticity for a younger looking skin.

A skin boosting cream which delivers ingredients through the night, deeply enriching the skin.

  • Enriched with two types of emulsion for advance permeation as well as outstanding moisturization.
  • Forms a dual layer – a permeation veil and a protective veil – which delivers beauty ingredients to the skin over different timefresm, keeping the skin supple and firm.

Apply a pearl sized amount at night.

After applying milk take an appropriate amount and gently spread over the entire face from the inside to oustide.

POLA B.A Serum Revup 4ml

Overflowing supple firmness Moisturising Serum.

Introducing the latest, fast-acting, rejuvenating serum that lets you experience the difference.

The skin is in a continuous cycle of detoriation and regeneration.
“BA SERUM REVUP” greatly enhances hydration and firmness to the skin, striving for a youthful, fresh skin impression, full of radiance.

After applying lotion, take appropriate amount and gently smooth it onto the whole face. Adjust the usage amount depending on your skin’s condition.

POLA B.A Serum Prislumina 4ml

A powerful serum that brightens and clears the skin. Penetrates gently and deeply into the skin to deliver its ingredients leaving it firm and radiant. It has a light floral scent.

Pola B.A Serum Prislumina has the following features:

  • Features BP Lumina essence, a Pola complex ingredient, that reveals radiance and power from within.
  • Infused with unique moisturizing ingredients, it provides plumpness and firmness for skin.
  • Thanks Vitamin c derivatives, it helps reduce the formation of melanin, dark spots and discoloration.
POLA V Resonatic Cream 0.6g x 10bags

Total aging care of POLA's highest peak cream
For young, active, and positive looking face
Whitening component suppresses generation of melanin, prevent spots and freckles
Improves sagging of face
Dullness improvement due to drying and disturbance of texture etc

How to Use
- Use after lotion or beauty essence every mornings and evenings.
- Estimated usage amount for one dose is: morning; size of small pearl, night; size of one big pearl
- Take an appropriate amount and place it on 5 points of face (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin)
- Gently rub into your face towards the outside from inside of your face.
It works as double functions of milk and cream.
- Adjust the amount according to your skin condition.

Made in Japan


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