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B.A The Liquid (12 Bottles)

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Item# 16259
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Pola B.A The Liquid 

Saccharification reaction of the skin areas of the skin because the metabolism refers too slow, leading to excess sugar in the blood vessels walk all day,

Too much sugar will be attached to the collagen, the collagen protein breaks or disorder,

Skin wrinkles will appear, revealing black, becoming rough dark astringent.

Saccharification reaction with age, the skin does not matter, is the question of any age are facing,

So aging is anti-glycation, the day begins early care, anti-aging day late! !

POLA BA anti-glycation series, remove the material from the fundamental metabolic saccharification. The ability to increase cell metabolism.

Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing anti-glycation care of all aspects of oxidation, the root of the ability to retain moisture from the cells to proceed,

POLA reflect the true strength of the high-tech!

Usage: daily evening bedtime.

Manufacturing quality assurance Japan


Made in Japan

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