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Pour-A-soigne Aqua Queana Clean Platinum LED

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Item# 20719
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Pour-A-soigne Aqua Queana Clean Platinum LED

Allows you to enjoy a luxurious beauty salon's facial treatment at home casually. Removes impurities in pores with just the powers of ultrasonic waves and water while delivering ions to the skin. The 2 types of LED lights activates the skin cells and improves the skin. The waterproof function has been improved enough to be able to be used in the bathroom. Leaves the skin firm and supple with no need for foundation.

In the three modes and care can easily at home! Professional facial equipment!
Pore peeling gel Aqua pore clean Platinum LED

[Soft peel &cleansing mode]
Tough only the facial pores and dead skin clean cleaning with ultrasonic wave and water only.

[Nutrition mode]
The Green LED lights up. -(Negative) potential effects on the
Cosmetic ingredients is sent to the contact in the skin, putting in the hard to reach. A moist, fresh skin together.

[UP mode]
The red LED lights up. Loose parts by the + (plus) potential tightening skin,
More aiming for the firmness of your skin.

[How to use]
Soft peel &cleansing mode: moisten face with hand spray.
With the wet skin, while taking a bath.
Turn you nurashitara face in the water, just skim the face lightly with spatula.
Please wipe the harmonious dirt and skin.
Nutrition-UP mode: use the painted hand lotion to the skin.
You can use anywhere on the face mask.
Please use by touching the touch plate in the rear.
Body and spatula gently wipe after each use, please hold.

-Main material: ABS resin
-Battery: lithium polymer battery
-Charge time: about 1 hour (20 minutes can be used)
-Ultrasonic frequency: 29 kHz
-Voltage and current:DC5V500mA
-Power consumption: approx. 2.5 W
-Size and weight (approx.): vertical 14.2 cm x 4.8 cm x thickness 1.5 cm / 65 g

Made in Korea

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