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PRETTIA Bubble Hair

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Item# 5075-C
Availability: In stock
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LIST PRICE: $17.99

Our Price: $9.00

You Save: $8.99 (49%)

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KAO Prettia Soft Bubble Hair Color Jewel Peach  is a hair color that bleach your hair into Jewel Peach color. This innovative soft foaming hair color evenly blends into hair for a brilliant result. There is 2 treatments ingredients (amino acid for skin care type and moisture, loyol jelly for moisture). All this treatment will help your hair from further damage and make your hair beautiful and soft gentle bright hair.

Kit Contains:
No.1 Hair color(small) 1.41fl.oz(40ml)
No.2 Hair color(large) 2.11fl.oz(60ml)
Foamer Cap
After Color Moisturizer 0.14fl.oz(4ml)
Instruction Sheet 

Made in Japan


How To Use

How to Use:

 1. Put No.1 into No.2 and shake well to mix.
2. After shake switch with the foamer cap and squeeze the bottle to foam bubble onto hands (Please put the gloves before you apply)
3. Apply the mixture to your dry hair and massage entire hairs.
4. After massage, leave 20~30 minutes.
5. Rinse thoroughly and use shampoo and conditioner.
6. After, use after color moisturizer for hair treatment. *no rinse


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amazing! 2.15.14
want to buy more, but they also are out of stock. Please put on more color options!
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