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Ecpression High Tension Mask

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Item# 19577
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Refa Ecpression High Tension Mask

A double-hook mask that fits tightly not only over your face, but also over your neck.

We have developed a unique double-hook mask that lets you care for a wide range from your face all the way down to your neck at the same time.

This mask stays on even if you use a beauty roller over it and provides comfortable facial care. 

In order to continuously apply beauty ingredients to the skin, the inside of the sheet has a three-layer stucture well filled with moisturizer.

While pulling up the sheet mask made of strechable material with high elasticty, press it tight against your face to make the moisturizer inside the mask come out and moisturize your face. 

Full of moisturizer, giving you a beautiful skin

Effectice plant extracts, resilient in harsh environments

Condition your skin, and show off its glow


-Please use after cleansing, washing, and application of toner. We recommend usage before application of creams of other oily lotions.
-As a guide, we recommend usage once a week. If you have dry skin, then we recommend usage twice a week.
-Wear this mask correctly as shown in "Usage Method" below.

4 piece

Made in Japan

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