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O Style Massage Roller

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Item# 14993
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REFA O Style Massage Roller

ReFa O Style Massage Roller is gently cared for the bare skin which got tired in the end of one day. Drainage roller of 264 face pieces by which the platinum coat was carried out focuses on a motion of an aesthetician's hand or a finger, and it develops it. Even if it pushes strongly, probably a flowing feeling of rolling will be comfortable and it can feel the feeling that skin is cured.


Treatment using "microcurrent", which is also popular at esthetic salons. Takes in the light from the solar panel and generates a fine microcurrent.

Multi-fit roller

In order to increase the feeling of fitting with your skin, the roller is designed with a smooth curve toward the grip. The beautiful lotus cut rotates without stress and provides the skin with delicate stimulation.

Esthetic method

Replicates the point drainage* techniques called "pushing" and "making flow" found in professional technique. Rolling to fit the curves of your face leads to resilient skin.

Grip gently centering on the thickest section, avoiding covering the solar panel with your hand.

Rolling Technique 

The photographs of each area of the body show the direction for rolling each section.

* Drainage is the movement of making flow that the esthetician performs. It does not mean a treatment efficacy and effect on the human body.

Made In Japan

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