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Cleansing Pasta Acne Clear

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Rosette Cleansing Pasta Acne Clear

* Rosette is the originator of Japan cream cleansing products!

* Mud facial cleanser no fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil.

* Ancient times through the years naturally formed precipitate mud, the surface there are numerous empty. For aging skin, deep pore dirt and blackheads extremely effective. Be able to do easily adsorbed completely removed.

* With vegetable oil rosehip extracts, played the role of pores.

* Rosette mud Cleanser is a cleanser with mud and plant extracts rich in minerals.

* Mud containing fine powder rich foam cleanser outgoing and flexible. Fully absorb excess sebum and dirt and be thoroughly removed. It leaves skin feeling moist, such as ceramic-like smooth and delicate.

Medicinal type, add mud ingredients for skin inflammation, mainly for acne muscle and prevent adult acne muscle.

Made in Japan

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