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Beauteye Eye Drops

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In a recent survey, Santen asked women from their teens to their sixties about their greatest concerns in terms of eye care and found the most popular answer to be aging of their eyes.  As a result, they developed Sante Beautéye. 

  1. Formulated specifically to combat aging.
  2. Contains five highly effective compounds at maximum allowed concentrations including taurine to enhance tissue regeneration and metabolism, chondroitin sulfate sodium ester to protect and moisturize the cornea, and vitamin B12 to alleviate fatigue.
  3. Stylish package and container conceived by renowned industrial designer Tokujin Yoshioka.
  4. To accommodate women wearing makeup, Santen developed a new type of nozzle that improves drop separation and prevents residual solution from accumulating on the tip of the spout. 
  5. Sante Beautéye also has a mild rose  fragrance for a more pleasant user experience.
Usage:  Apply 1-3 drops in each eye up to 6 times daily. 

Made in Japan 
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Love it. 1.8.16
The smell is good.
I like the bottle.
It comfort my eyes......
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