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SHIRASU Volcanic Ash Facial Pack

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Item# 13827
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BC LINK SHIRASU Volcanic Ash Facial Pack 

SHIRASU Volcanic Ash Facial Pack helps create the beautiful and tranquil sking with shirasu, nurtured in the nature.

Shirasu, contained in the volcanic ash of Mt. Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan has been used by the local people to wash cutlery for a long time. That secret wisdom is now concentrated in “Shirasu - Volcanic Ash - Pack”. Erupted hundreds of years ago, absorbing various minerals in the sea, later becoming the white stratums of the earth, Shirasu has been nourished in the nature over the years. Utilizing the hidden merits of Shirasu to the maximum, we would like to help you pursue beauty and health furthermore.

With the dense and almost elastic bubbles featured with the soap, the froth made from the spheres of the ultrafine particle Shirasu removes the dirt on the skin to the deep inside the pore where ordinary cleansing cream cannot reach. It also features Lipidure which is often used for artificial blood vessel contact lenses and others. When used in a soap, it creates artificial cells on the surface of the skin, and even after rinsing,

Suitable for all skin types especially for oily and enlarged pores.


Made in Japan

How To Use
1. Gentle creamy Pack. Apply the cream gently over the skin. After washing the face, wipe it off, and then apply the appropriate amount of “Shirasu - Volcanic Ash - Pack” over the face. *Pack should not be applied around the eyes or over the lips. USE:Use the cream twice or three times a week. Change the frequency depending on the skin condition. 2. Shirasu absorbing Shirasu, Moisture ingredients permeating the skin. Extend the pack so that the face is covered by the cream. Shirasu produces its effect all over the face. 3. Towards the tranquil skin Rinse the pack off the face before the cream becomes dry. Wash the face thoroughly with water as the Shirasu ingredients are ultrafine particles.
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