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Parlour Cheese Cake - 6pc (Best By 5/31)

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Item# 22163
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SHISEIDO Parlour Cheese Cake - 6pc

Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake is popularized in the Ginza District of Tokyo, Japan. It is made with wheat flour from Hokkaido, then wrapped in Danish cream cheese and baked. We are the only website in the US that sells this cheese cake and we only get a limited amount each time.

Before Shiseido became a global beauty phenomenon, it started out as a pharmacy. On a visit to the US and Europe, the head pharmacist discovered the novelty of soda fountains and ice cream. In 1902, he installed the first soda fountain inside of the pharmacy which turned into a restaurant called Shiseido Parlour. Shiseido Parlour is credited with being western style food to Japan. Today, Shiseido Parlour sells high-end confectionaries which are a hit with both locals and tourists. There is also an in-demand restaurant which serves many types of traditional an western style food.


Made in Japan

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