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IMIY Mobile Beauty Stick

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Item# 6827-C
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LIST PRICE: $340.00

Our Price: $150.00

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Sosu Imiy Mobile Beauty Stick

A luxurious Massaging Beauty Stick that you can put in your purse and carry with you all the time

Authentic Guaranteed!



Imiy Mobile Beauty Stick

Imiy Moisuture Gel

Imiy Aroma Essence

Imiy Aroma Balls     


The Imiy Mobile Beauty Stick gives a nice yet gentle vibration, that helps skin to absorb esseence better. 

It can be used when power is either on or off. 

When power is on, vibration starts, and skin is absorbing luxurious ingredients.

When to use it when power is off, vibration stops, and it can be used as a massaging stick, on your face, neck, and shoulder.

A simple design, with a SWAROVSKI Zirconia, stylish and luxurious!   


The Imiy Moisture gel gives the moisture and elasticity to the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid---moisturizing

Placenta---gives collagen to skin, increase elasticity

EGF---Epidermal Growth factor, promotes a faster skin renewal


The Imiy Aroma Essence is the Concentrated essential oil from Bulgarian White Rose. 

Besides giving you the luxurious aroma, this nice smell also helps to relax mind and body.


The Aroma Balls helps to maximize the effect of the Aroma essence.




How To Use


Put 2 drops of the Aroma Essence onto 2 Aroma Balls, and install it into the mobile beauty stick as instructed from the picture below. 


1. Cleanse and towel dry the face

2. Apply a proper amount of the Imiy Moisture Gel onto face skin

3. Turn on the power. (When power is on, the SWAROVSKI Zirconia gets lighter and more shiny)

4. Stick starts vibrating.

5. Start using the stick to massage the moisture gel into skin.

* Please see the picture below for the correct directions when using the stick on different areas (around mouth, undereye, and forehead)

* Use about 5-10 minutes everytime;  2-3 times a week.

* Please use soft towel to clean and dry the metal ball on the stick everytime after using it. 

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